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5 Amazing Ways to Look Slim in a Saree

It is true that ‘fashion changes with time and trend’. At the same time it is hard to deny that an Indian ethnic wear like saree is in vogue. Saree is one of the oldest yet traditional form of clothing. This ethnic wear reflects the tradition, custom and culture of India while adding charm, beauty and elegance to the looks of a lady. Saree not only enhances the appearance of a woman but also makes her look taller and slimmer.

Nowadays, Indian sarees online are available in a variety of designs, fabrics, prints and colors. But not all sarees are perfect for everyone. While choosing a saree, you need to consider certain things which results in giving you an attractive yet slimmer look at the same time.

Here are five amazing ways on how to look slim in a saree:


The fabric of the saree matters a lot. It plays a very important role in making a woman look slimmer or plumper. So, while choosing a saree, it is essential to be aware of the fabric of the saree and which suits your body shape and type.

  • Plus size women are always advised to select sarees which are made of lightweight fabrics like crepe and georgette. Like crepe and georgette, Chiffon sarees would stick to your body and can make you look slimmer.
  • If you are willing to wear cotton sarees, being a short and overweight person, then you are advised to select 40% cotton mix sarees.
  • 40% silk mix sarees are considered to be the best choice for plus size women who are willing to wear kanjivaram sarees or silk sarees on any occasion or festival.


The border of the saree also plays a very important role in making the wearer look slimmer.

  • Women who are short should not go for sarees that have a thick border. These sarees would make them look smaller in stature than they are.
  • Saree with a thin narrow border or saree without border is the best choice for plus size and short women. These sarees make them look slimmer and taller while adding beauty and elegance to their looks.


Another aspect which should be taken into consideration is the color of the saree.

  • Dark colored sarees like Blue, Pink, Magenta, Orange and Fuchsia can make a lady look attractive and sensuous and slimmer and thinner at the same time. Dark colors also accentuate your face.
  • For looking slimmer and taller, you can opt for black saree. It can give you a stunning look while hiding the flaws of your figure.


The print on the saree also plays a very important role in making the wearer look slimmer.

  • Plus size women are strongly advised not to wear sarees which have large prints and motifs as these can make them look plumper.
  • Sarees with small prints make them look slimmer. Plus size yet fashionable women are advised to select sarees which have small floral prints on them.


No matter how much effort you give in choosing the correct fabric, color, print and border, the final effect of this Indian ethnic wear depends on how well you drape the saree. Draping a saree in the right way is essential for looking beautiful and slimmer.

  • Overweight women should drape the saree in a neat way so that it does not get floppy by making them look heavier.
  • If you want to hide the extra flab, then go for a lesser pleats look. This would definitely make you look slimmer.
  • Perfect front and palla pleats accentuates the looks of a lady while making them them look beautiful, taller, slimmer and thinner.

Selecting the right material of a saree and draping it in the right way can help a woman look slimmer, beautiful and desirable. Buy saree online and get other Indian ethnic wear online of your choice with the best online apparel store of India.

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