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7 Different Ways to Wear a Saree Pallu

Indian sarees are one of the most adaptable and versatile attire. This six-yard long piece of clothing has crafted a special niche for itself, be it fashion charts, media events, red carpet events, wedding ceremonies or just a casual hang out. Getting the perfect saree of your choice have never been so easy before the gaining popularity of online apparel stores. Now, you can buy Indian sarees online from USA, UK, Canada and Australia with just a click of the mouse without prior researching for getting the best outfit.

Thanks to our Bollywood divas who have invented, re-invented and explored all possible ways to make this Indian clothing come lively and glamorous. If you look a little closer, the basic draping style remains the same but Pallu styles have undergone a huge transformation.

In this small write-up we will take you through quite a few fashionable ways to wear saree pallu to make you look drop-dead gorgeous and ravishing as ever.


Who doesn’t remember how sensual and stunning Deepika Padukone looked in a blue saree in “Badtameez Dil” song from the movie “Yeh Jawaani hai deewani”. The way Saree Pallu was worn created a trend of sorts. Once you have followed all the basic steps of draping a saree, fling the pallu over your left shoulder and hang it till hip level, pull or stretch it a bit if required. Now start arranging the pleats, adjust the front bodice borders in two parallel lines converging at the left shoulder tip. You can use a pin to secure the pallu on the shoulder. Also make sure that you use single border light-weight plain saree as this style will require easy folding and tilting. That’s it; you are all set to make some heads turn. Fashion savvy persons can follow the style of gorgeous Deepika Padukone in the red carpet event. The beautiful bollywood diva looks stunning in an exquisite white saree draped in the same style in this event.


Butterfly pallu draping Style is also known as Bollywood style. This pallu fashion is in trend now and has been inspired by many bollywood divas. In this form, base is Nivi style and pallu pleats are made extremely thin such that the navel or the midriff is visible. Taking the pallu around from back, make sure you make very small pleats and place it over the left shoulder and let it hang. Pin the pleats at the left shoulder and at the front of the blouse. Go with light-weight saree materials like nets and chiffons and compliment it with a heavy embroidered blouse.


The basic method of saree draping remains the same until it is time to take pallu pleats. In open pallu style, you need not make any pleats; just cover the front bodice wrapping it around and pin the top edge of pallu right at the left shoulder. This form of pallu draping style can make you look presentable, simple yet elegant in a your work place and even in a party.


In square pallu style, you need to take your pallu from your right underarm across your chest to the left side of your blouse and pin it. For the remaining pallu, make neat pleats from the pinned part and let it hang over your left shoulder. This style of pallu draping can give you a classy look by complementing your jewelry.


Front pallu style could be your best option if the pallu of your saree has heavy border. In this form of style, you need to wrap the pallu under both of your hands and need to pin it at both the sides of your blouse. Bring the pleated pallu to your left shoulder from under your left hand. The pallu is displayed at the front. Secure the pallu with pins at the tip of your left shoulder.


This pallu draping style can be done with any kind of saree. Wrap the saree around the lower body starting from right to left and then make 6 to 7 pleats. This universal way of saree draping can make you look beautiful and elegant.


This is the most professional way of wearing a saree. This style of pallu draping is suited for formal occasions like meetings, conferences and even an interview. In this form,, pallu is severely pleated, pressed and pinned on to the left shoulder. An u-shaped blouse looks perfect with a saree draped in Air hostess pallu Style.

These fashionable ways to wear saree pallu can enhance your grace and elegance. You can chose any of them to add an extra dosage of oomph, charm and beauty to your looks and personality. Browse through numerous style of Indian sarees from the best online apparel store of India to flaunt these pallu styles on special occasions.

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