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5 Accessories to Change the Way Your Saree Looks

If any attire that comes close to being bewitchingly charismatic, it undoubtedly has to be the Saree. Many a heart went on to be captured in its winding stylistic drapes since times immemorial. Indian Sarees have always been known to define desirability with a sensuous twist in it. Hence it is for no reason that Aishwarya Rai chooses to drape Oprah Winfrey in this traditional outfit! It has now become such a raging global trend that even the likes of Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga are seen to drape one during their visits to India. An equal rage to buy Indian sarees online can be seen due to the rocketing demand for “next gen” sarees.

Accentuating this Indian clothing with the right kind of accessories does make the most coveted ensembles for the women world-wide. If you are not based in India and wondering where will you get the most fashionable yet affordable Indian Sarees to make a style statement with accessories, then find Indian Sarees online in US, UK, Canada and Australia at the best online apparel store of India.This blog actually endeavors to show how putting on the right kind of accessories with sarees go on to make a deadly combination. To begin with, accessorizing does not necessarily mean going over board by wearing possibly all kinds of accessories available. It is all about striking the right balance by indulging in innovative, interesting and fresh ways of draping a saree to standout from the rest and we will tell you how!


This is one of the latest and in-vogue trends making the rounds at the fashion circuits. Stylists have completely discarded the traditional petticoat and are going with pants, leggings and tights and now wonder why they have been so successful with this fusion. It will make you look younger, modern, and chic. Team this with long jackets, chic blouses and waistcoats and you are all set for a glamorous look with a vintage base.


Yes, you read that right. Instead of going with a blouse, sport an interesting and stylish full-sleeved or quarter sleeved shirt with your saree. This form of latest saree fashion has both comfort and style and top it all, if you are in constant worry about your untoned arms, it will make it up for you.


Pairing Indian sarees with a tunic blouse or your kurti blouse is another way of making a style statement. This quirky outfit speaks for trendy frame and an unconventional fusion of draping an Indian ethnic wear but nevertheless can also make a look ethereal, yet gorgeous, fetching one loads of accolades.


Saree being a pretty versatile wear, its uniqueness lies in the myriad ways in which it can be worn. With the very style in which a saree is draped, a new look comes into play. To add to the elegance and poise you can wear a stylish belt around the waist to have a slimming effect. Other advantage is that it will hold your saree pleats together and will turn your attire in to a sharp power outfit.


This piece is yet another innovation straight from our fashion circuits and has already created a lot of buzz this season. Flower corsages are not anymore confined to the wedding premises. This fashion has struck an instant hit with our Bolly celebs as well, both men and women. You can either wrap it around your wrists, shoulder, neck or you can pin it up on your saree like a brooch to jazz up your appearance.

Saree fashion has continued to inspire the common woman. They know to stylize saree the sensuous way. To rock the ethnic wear in the suave, chic way it has been personalized using fashionable accessories for sarees with a modern updated twist in such a way that it lends an enigmatic, yet exquisite touch to the wearer of the outfit on the whole.

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