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5 Amazing Tips for those New to Wearing Sarees

Fashion has always been an important part of our life. It is true that fashion is incomplete without apparel. At the same time it is hard to deny that Indian ethnic wear is the epitome of class, grace and elegance. Saree is a traditional ethnic wear that has gained popularity in all over the world. It has been accepted and appreciated by women of all age groups, classes and culture. The main reason behind this wide popularity of this Indian ethnic wear is that it can add class, grace and elegance to the looks of the wearer.

However, wearing a saree might be a challenge for all those ladies who are new to saree. If you too are facing the same, you are not the odd one out. There are ladies all over the globe who either face difficulty in saree draping or keeps asking experts about how to manage a saree. One can buy Indian sarees online quite easily now with widely available online trader offering wide range of saree, but very few of them will actually guide you in draping of a saree and how to manage a saree.

Here are few useful tips that might help you to overcome few challenges and problems that you might be facing or might face in the future while wearing a saree.

If you are new to wearing saree, here are 5 useful tips that will be useful.

1. Choosing the right fabric is extremely important. Do not choose very heavy saree if you are new to wearing a saree. You can opt for lighter fabrics like Chiffon and Georgette to look classy and also to feel comfortable. Sarees of light fabrics will make you look slim. It is always advisable to avoid cotton sarees. Though cotton fabrics are relaxing in summers, but are extremely hard to manage.

2. The important thing that you need to consider if you are new to wearing sarees is to choose the print and border of the saree. Choose sleek borders and light print if you want to look elegant yet slim. Go for wide borders and heavy prints to look slightly heavier. It is better to avoid heavy work on saree if you are new to wearing saree, as that will make managing saree difficult.

3. Choose full sleeves blouse if you want to look beautiful, elegant and slim in a saree. You can also opt for half sleeves or sleeveless blouse in order to compliment your looks and style.  Blouse plays a very important role and thus should be chosen with care.

4. No wonder that you can look beautiful and can feel comfortable by pinning up your saree in a perfect way. Women those who are new to wearing sarees are advised to pin up their saree to easily manage their saree and also to look smart and elegant.

5. The color of the petticoat matters a lot. While new to wearing sarees, it is essential to keep in mind that the petticoat should not be too flared and should be till your ankles. It helps you to manage the saree.

The above mentioned points are amongst a few important and useful tips that a new saree wearer should keep in mind. Draping is all that makes the different, and if you do that well, you can attain any styles, whether it is of Deepika Padukone or Sonam Kapoor.

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