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5 Amazing Ways to Drape Simple Saree in A Stylish Way

Indian ethnic wear is very much in vogue nowadays with them being worn by people of different nationalities as well. Simple yet fashionable sarees are being preferred to western dresses when it comes to parties and special occasions. They are being worn more due to the versatility that they provide to the wearer’s overall appearance. The speciality of a saree is that it can be draped in many different ways according to the occasion and also the desire of the wearer. A saree worn in a particular manner gives a certain look that is different from the looks that accompany all the other styles. Although there are many traditional as well as modern  ways of draping a saree, we are focussing here on the top 5 ones.

Among the most popular and modern ways of wearing the saree is the Open Pallu Style Saree. This style of wearing the saree is becoming increasingly popular as it is less complicated and yet the end result is very astounding. To drape your sari in this style, you simply have to follow the basic steps of wearing a saree, that is, tucking the saree into the inskirt and making pleats along the centre before draping it over your left shoulder. For an Open Pallu, you need not make any pleats on the shoulder part of the saree and simply pinning the border to the blouse will suffice for bringing out that flawless look.

The Lehenga Saree Draping Style is becoming a very popular style that is being donned by women on weddings and other such important social events. Wearing a saree in this manner will make onlookers think that you are wearing a lehenga instead of a saree. To wear the saree in this fashion, all you need to do is start with tucking the saree into the inskirt until you come to the centre part where you do not need to make pleats but continue onwards with the basic steps and end with making pleats on the shoulder before pinning it up securely. Thus, the saree itself becomes the lehenga as well as the dupatta and the blouse is the choli.

There are many regional variations of saree draping and one of the most popular ones is the Gujarati Saree Draping. This style of draping a saree is mostly used to deck up brides on the wedding day as it truly showcases the saree in its full glory. It differs from the basic steps in that you have to start tucking it into the inskirt from the left side before following the common steps whereas usually it is done from the right side. The pallu is directly taken from the back over the right shoulder so that it rests on the front instead of dangling at the back and thus the designs of the saree are beautifully exhibited.

Another regional variation of wearing a saree is the Maharashtrian Style of Wearing Saree which is very different from the usual way. Though the pallu is worn in a similar fashion, the main difference lies with the central pleats which make the bottom part of the saree into a pant style. The saree is worn following the basic steps but as no inskirt is used in this style you have to tie a knot after initially draping the saree around you. The main distinction is after the whole process is over you have to take the centremost pleat of the central pleats and passing it under your legs you have to tuck it in behind you after making very small pleats.

The Bengali Style Saree is also a very common way of draping a saree which is mostly used on weddings and religious occasions. The saree is worn using the basic steps but you have to keep the pallu very long before you pin it over your left shoulder. The pallu is then brought round to the right shoulder and dangled from that side before pinning it up on that side as well. Traditionally, the second time the pallu was again draped over the right shoulder but nowadays it is done in this and it is customary to tie a bunch of keys to the end of the pallu which can give you a very regal look.

The sarees available on Vivaahfashions.com also demonstrate these and many other unique styles of draping a saree. The French Beige & Black Color Saree With Cute Fancy Pallu displays the open pallu style of draping a saree. The Off White & Deep Scarlet Color Saree With Nice-looking Fancy Pallu showcases the lehenga style of draping a saree with a bit of a variation. The Women’s Attractive Looking Ethnic Bhagalpuri Silk Gray Saree exhibits the Gujarati style of draping a saree. The Women’s Attractive Looking Bhagalpuri Silk Brown Ethnic Saree is displayed in a modern style that is very similar to the Bengali style of draping a saree.

Apart from sarees, many other kinds of ethnic wear for both men and women are also available here that can easily find a place in your wardrobe. You can get Indian lehenga choli online in US if you log on to this reliable online apparel store. Trendy fashionable Anarkalis in various stunning colours and attractive designs are also available here.

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