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10 Ways to Look Slimmer in Saree

Saree is the most traditional wear for women in India and all women look gorgeous when they wear it. It is a fitting wear for both casual and special occasions as well as for wearing to work places. This online apparel store can provide you with exclusive sarees that are available in various attractive shades and designs. You can easily buy Indian sarees online from here that shall be highly admired by people whenever you don them. This dress is a very versatile one and the way you wear it will bring out a different facet of your appearance. Choosing the proper saree is also very essential in this regard as it definitely affects the way you want to look. There are many different ways of looking slimmer in a saree but the 10 most useful ones have been mentioned here.

It is very essential that while choosing the saree, you choose the proper material that will truly accentuate your beauty and make you look slimmer. Heavy materials like silk and cotton should be avoided in favour of lightweight fabrics like chiffon and georgette. You may also want to opt for lighter and simpler designs that will make you look even more beautiful as well as hide the excess body fat. Choosing this type of saree will be to your benefit as it will surely make you look slender and sleek.

To hide the slight plumpness in your figure, it is better to avoid sarees with thick and broad borders. Sarees will thin borders should be chosen by you as they will make you look slimmer as well as taller. Darker colours like navy blue, black and dark brown are generally preferred over lighter ones as they truly help in concealing. Light shades should be avoided as they can very easily expose the body fat and that is definitely something that you do not want to happen.

The true art of wearing a saree is in draping it properly and you must do this very well in order to look slimmer. The saree should be draped perfectly in a spread out fashion in the lower part so as not to make it clustered in one place making you look bulged out and the pallu should be worn in the open pallu style so as to not reveal the abdominal region. Short sleeve blouses make your arms look thicker than they actually are and this in turn makes your whole appearance look lumpy. Therefore, it is better if you wear long sleeve or three quarter sleeved blouses that will make you look smart and elegant.

It is also very important to wear proper sandals with your saree as these too have a deceiving effect. Wearing high heels makes you appear slimmer than you actually are and you look taller as well. You should make it a point of wearing a saree which has the minimal amount of embroidery as well other kinds of handiwork done on it. A heavily embroidered saree will make you look even more lumpier than you actually are and therefore sarees with light embroidery should be chosen.

Choosing the perfect accessories is as important as choosing the perfect saree and therefore it should be very well planned out. Wearing earrings, necklace, rings, anklets and even a belly chain shall greatly enhance your look for a special event. Hairstyles play a key role in accentuating your figure and hence wearing your hair in a proper fashion is very important. To make yourself look slimmer while wearing a saree, it would be more beneficial for you if you let it loose instead of tying it up as it aids in covering up your excess fat even more.

You can choose sarees as well as many other kinds of Indian ethnic wear here that are available for both men and women. Due to its varied collection and interesting designs and colour combinations, this site has been declared as the best online apparel store in India. You can even find attractive long kurtis here that are especially suited for wearing to work places and casual outings.

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