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Walk in Style with Celebrity Sarees

Fashion sarees are the latest trend nowadays with everyone opting for them while attending parties and other social events. You can easily buy Indian sarees online through this reliable online apparel store that holds exclusive designs and colour combinations. Nowadays, sarees are becoming extremely popular among women from other origins as well as they are finding this Indian dress quite attractive. This is happening at a rapid pace as more and more celebrities from India are displaying beautiful designer sarees to important events that are receiving media footage. Thus, following the latest trends that are being maintained by the leading lights is coming in vogue.

Half and half sarees are being preferred by more and more celebrities as they give a very glamorous appearance. The bottom half of the saree is made from net while the top half is of velvet and this unique creation is receiving popularity all over. Long sleeve blouses are also becoming extremely popular with very intricate workmanship on the sleeves while the saree remains a plain one. Sarees with bold borders are also receiving a lot of attention from the stars these days with many of them preferring these over other types. These sarees with different types of colour combinations in the main body and the borders can lend either a traditional or a contemporary fashionable look. Sleeveless brocade blouses add an even more impressive aura to the whole dress which makes the wearer look even more attractive.

See through sarees are also a very popular choice nowadays as they make the wearer look absolutely stunning. These sarees are generally made from net, chiffon or georgette and make very attractive wears for parties and social events. The blouses worn with such sarees are generally very beautifully designed and highly ornamented as they become the main highlight of the dress. The main attraction among the prominent personalities are the plain sarees which are very simple in their appearance. These sarees are of a single colour also having a plain border at times and this acts as a good base for heavy accessories which is why they are being preferred. All kinds of blouses work with such sarees and being of a single colour they form a good foreground while a picture is being taken.

The Magenta and Rama Green Faux Georgette and Chiffon Saree available at Vivaahfashions.com is a very beautiful designer saree. The half and half saree is made from faux georgette and chiffon being magenta and Rama green in colour and also comes with a matching blouse which is Rama green in colour. Another example of such exotic saree is the Magenta and Purple Satin Chiffon Saree which has a very majestic appearance. The see through saree is made of a very velvety material known as satin chiffon being magenta and purple in colour with a matching purple blouse. You may also choose the Turquoise and Purple Satin Chiffon Saree which is an absolutely stunning piece. This saree is also a half and half one being turquoise and purple in colour and made from a satin chiffon material with a matching turquoise coloured blouse.

The Pista Green Shimmer Georgette Saree can easily find a place in your wardrobe because of its shiny look. This plain saree is thoroughly covered with stone work and has elaborately stone and sequin studded borders. The saree is made of a shimmer georgette material which makes it very shiny and it is pista green in colour along with a matching blouse. The Piyazi Pink Shimmer Georgette Saree is also a very reckonable piece of work being a fitting apparel for any party. This is a plain saree as well and is very much the same as the other one being studded with stones and having a similarly decked border. Though piyazi pink in colour, it is made from the shimmer georgette material as well and even has the same type of matching blouse.

You will find many other types of Indian ethnic wear on this online apparel portal that will definitely appeal to you. You can easily buy salwar kameez online in US here and there are lot of unique designs and excellent workmanship to choose from. These dresses can make you look absolutely awe inspiring on any formal or informal occasion.

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