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Weird yet effective beauty tips that actually work

Every time you browse the internet these days you are bombarded with articles and ads suggesting some miraculous beauty tips or tricks to enhance your look or some beauty hack which are effective solutions for some particular problems. With so many suggestions, it is hard to understand which of them really work and which ones are fake. But the surprising thing is some of these solutions, however weird or crazy they may seem, actually work very effectively. Let us suggest some tricks up the sleeve, which may sound ludicrous and weird, but in reality works wonders.

Put Orange Lipstick Under Eyes To Get Rid Of Dark Circles : The latest hack which is doing the rounds is this. Yes, it looks and sounds crazy but it actually works. The orange pigment neutralizes the dark circles, minimizing the effect near the eye area.

Use Eyeshadow to Disguise Hair Roots : If your roots are looking dry and whitish and you have to go for an important appointment and don’t want to go for elaborate cover up then simply load up a Q-tip or an eyeshadow brush with shadow which matches with the colour of your hair roots and dab it to your roots carefully. It’s not a long lasting solution, but works great for a few hours.

Put Fingers In Cold Water to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster : This tip though sounds weird but is actually very effective. Next time you do a manicure try this out. Dip your hands in freezing water after you apply nail polish and watch them get dry super fast, almost immediately.

Use Baby Powder For Fuller Lashes : If you want long thick lashes, then you could do it with a simple hack instead of spending a lot on mascara. Apply little mascara on your lashes, then coat a Q-tip or an eyeshadow brush with baby powder. Apply generous amounts of it until your lashes look white and strange. Then finish off with one or two more coats of mascara and Voila! Your lashes will look super thick.

Take Lipstick off With Vaseline : Long lasting lipsticks are hard to take off. Just using a tissue might not suffice and you might not always have a makeup remover in handy. A brilliant trick is to use Vaseline. Apply vaseline on your lips and smear it off with a tissue and it will come off very easily. What more your lips will feel dry instead of being dry.

Heat Up or Freeze Your Eyeliner For Easier Use : Pencil eyeliners sometimes gets stubborn and cannot be used smoothly. Try heating it up or freezing it. Heating your liner will make it go smoothly almost like a liquid liner. Freezing it will also make it smooth.

Use Whitening Toothpaste to Get Rid of Nail Stains : When you take off your nail polish, it’s really ridiculous to see yellow stains on your nails. A simple trick of applying whitening toothpaste will remove the stains from your nails and make them look bright. It really works!

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